Repairs and Preventative Maintenance for Sewage Tanks, Septic Tanks, Cesspits and Seperators

It’s a fact, when the weather changes for the worse it causes absolute havoc.  Apart from the inconvenience, the heavy rainfall that we seem to be getting more regularly causes serious damage to underground tanks.

In areas of relatively low lying ground the rainwater finds its way into sewage tanks and completely submerges the system.

1. This causes the biological process to short-circuit and untreated water will eventually pass through the system.

2. Any electrical components within the tank will become ruined.

We are regularly called out to rectify these problems, from the simple check over, to air blower replacement, and sometimes we are asked to re-locate the electrical components above ground in a weather proof box.

So if you have recently been effected by flooding or would like to have a chat about preventative measures, feel free to give us a call.