AERFLO Wording

We have developed, our own take on the AIR BLOWER CONVERSION, for a troublesome sewage treatment plant. Numerous old plants can be converted to our AERFLO system, quickly and efficiently, by removing the old and failing method utilised in the plant to our AERFLO Retro fit kit which consists of:

  • Air blower/s
  • Diffuser/s
  • Blower box/es
  • Final settlement tank sludge recycle
  • Biozone sludge recycle
  • Alarms (optional)
Aerflo bubbles

We have installed many of our AERFLO systems now with truly excellent results, and were so confident that we’ll gladly put you in direct contact with customers that have asked us to install.

The benefits are:

  1. Designed to meet the original specification of the original plant design, in accordance with the Environment Agency Permit to Discharge standard, or in some cases we can increase the spec to meet more stringent discharge standards.
  2. Vastly improved energy consumption
  3. No more replacing submersible pumps every couple of years or so!
Plants we’ve converted (but not limited to!), and varying from 6PE (population equivalent) to over 100PE:
  • Clearwater Venturi systems CLPxxx (This is the most common)
  • Clearwater Air diffuser systems
  • Conder SEWTEC
  • Klargester
  • Polcon UK
  • Acorn Environmental