Secoh Maintenance and Diaphragm Kits

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Air Blower Spares - Seoch SE1 Service Kit

Secoh SE1 Service Kit

ine Secoh service for pump models SLL-40 & SLL-50.


Seoch SE2 Service Kit

Secoh SE2 Service Kit

Genuine Secoh Service for Single Air Pumps: EL-60, EL80-15, EL80-17, EL100 and Twin Air Pumps: EL-120W, EL-150W, EL-200W.

Two service kits are required for Twin Air Pumps EL-120W, EL-150W, EL-200W.


Air Blower Spares - secoh SE3 Filter Kit

Secoh SE3 Filter Kit

Genuine Secoh EL Series Filter Kit.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE8 Filter Kit

Secoh SE8 Filter Kit

Genuine Secoh Service kit filter for SLL series pumps.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE10 Service Kit

Secoh SE10 Service Kit

Genuine Secoh SE10 service kit for El120S and EL250W pumps.

Two service kits are required for Twin Blower EL250W.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE20 Diaphragm kit

Secoh SE20 Diaphragm kit

Kit contains : 2x EL diaphragms vacuum sealed.


Air Blower Spares - ecoh SE21 SLL Diaphragm Kit

Secoh SE21 SLL Diaphragm Kit

Kit contains : 2x SLL diaphragms vacuum sealed, fits SLL40 and SLL50 pumps.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE22 Diaphragm Kit

Secoh SE22 Diaphragm Kit

For JDK 60 & 80 blowers.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE25 Diaphragm Kit

Secoh SE25 Diaphragm Kit

Kit contains : 2x EL diaphragms vacuum sealed for use with EL120S and EL150S (single headed) and the EL-250W only.


Air Blower Spares - Secoh SE29 Diaphragm Kit

Secoh SE29 Diaphragm Kit

For JDK 40 & 50 blowers.


Air Blower Spares - ecoh SE31 Diaphragm Kit

Secoh SE31 Diaphragm Kit

For JDK 100 & 120 blowers.