Bespoke Fibreglass (GRP) Tanks

For Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Tanks, Septic Tanks, Cesspits and Separators

We are now able to offer made to measure GRP Tanks and Housings, these can be insulated twin wall structures or single skin GRP.  They can also be supplied in sections and in a wide range of colours and in a variety of specifications to accommodate your particular requirements.

Drinking Water Tank

1) GRP one-piece tank produced for storing drinking water, incorporating 25mm thick insulation within it’s structure.

Water Storage Tank

2) GRP one-piece tank water storage tank for pumps, which are located below within the steel frame, to reduce the floor area required.

GRP covers

3) GRP covers to contain pumps on exposed locations to reduce risk of freezing – this one was in 2 sections for ease of access.

Housing Unit

4) GRP one-piece housing unit with a single door. This unit incorporated a plywood core for additional durability (located on a landfill site).


5) GRP one-piece enclosure with single door and ventilation louvres. This unit incorporated 25mm thick insulation to the walls & roof.